Replica Liger Canine


This 5″ long (straight-line) right canine was molded and cast in resin from the real canine of my largest liger (pictured with the cast tooth inserted). The skull that this tooth came from is just shy of 16″ long and almost 12″ wide, making it one of the largest extant feline skulls in the world. Two finishes are available for the cast tooth: either a stark white, or a stained (which really shows off the grooves in the canine and allows you to see how much of the tooth is the root). The stained cast is more expensive due to the extra time needed to stain it. These are made in batches, so please allow a wait time of up to around two weeks for your cast to be shipped. Because these are replicas, they can be shipped internationally! If you live outside the US/Canada shipping will have to be calculated after you order. I will email you a shipping quote. If you’d like to buy the skull cast that these canines came out of (which happens to have both top canines REMOVABLE- a super cool feature for a cast!) then click here to see the HUUGE Liger Skull Cast



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