Human Vertebrae


This is for one (1) real human vertebrae! Select how many you want, as the quantity will not affect shipping costs. These vertebrae were used as teaching tools for students, and came from a doctor’s estate when he passed away. Each vertebrae has the number it is in the column (Cervical 1-7, Thoracic 1-12, Lumbar 1-5) written on with pencil. You should be able to erase the writing if you’d like. These vertebrae are moderately old. You may not receive the exact vertebrae pictured, but yours will be from the same spine and look very similar. Please select which section of the spine you’d like a vertebrae from. Besides the atlas and axis, a vertebrae will be randomly chosen from the section you select. If you would like a specific vertebrae, please leave a note during checkout with which (ex: L4, T9, C3, etc.) and we will accommodate while supplies last. You may not receive the one you ask for if it has already sold, though.

WE CANNOT SHIP HUMAN BONES TO GEORGIA, TENNESSEE, OR LOUISIANA DUE TO THEIR STATE LAWS. If you would like to read about the legalities of owning/selling/buying human bones, please click HERE.


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