Terms and Conditions


Payment is expected in full before your purchase is shipped. We only accept PayPal and credit cards at checkout. Credit card payments occasionally take a few days to clear. We will not mail out your order until the payment has cleared.


You can cancel an order at any time for a full refund excluding processing fees BEFORE it has been packaged and shipped. If you ask for a cancellation after the item has been packaged, you will be refunded the full amount EXCLUDING a 10% restocking fee. Cancellation AFTER the item has been shipped is not possible.


Shipping: Domestic USPS Priority, Parcel Select, First Class, and other Services

NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING: OddArticulations, LLC is not responsible for the postal workers handling of packages that may cause damages or loss of items. As unfortunate as it may be, it does occasionally happen. Shipments can be insured if you request it. Should anything be damaged or lost during shipment, you can file an insurance claim with USPS to reimburse you accordingly. We will also help you repair any damages if possible.

TRACKING: Your purchase comes with a tracking number. If you were not supplied with one upon purchase, check your purchase history on PayPal and it should provide you one. If it doesn’t, please contact us and we will provide one for you.

No items containing any animal products or byproducts can be shipped internationally due to export permits and fees.

Refunds and Exchanges


RETURNS & EXCHANGES: Only to be accepted within 3 days of receiving the item and only accepted if you receive the wrong or damaged item. No refunds accepted for customized items.

Before OddArticulations, LLC exchanges or issues a refund you MUST RETURN the product (at buyer’s expense). Once the original product is returned in original condition, a full refund, EXCLUDING Shipping fees, Credit Card fees, and PayPal fees will be issued or an exchange will be shipped out immediately.

Commissioned Work Terms
In this section the term ‘Commission’ is defined as any object sent to OddArticulations, LLC to work on, regardless if payment is involved. This may include, but is not limited to pet processing, restoration, human osteology, and any other object (animal or otherwise) sent to OddArticulations, LLC.

DOWN PAYMENT: The down payment for a commissioned piece (Including but not limited to: bone cleaning, articulations, skulls, pet processing, etc.) is NON-REFUNDABLE. If you change your mind about commissioning the piece, you will not receive a refund for your down payment, regardless if the piece is not finished or has not been received by OddArticulations, LLC at the time of cancellation. If the person commissioning the piece is providing the animal to work on and decides to cancel the commission, the animal will be promptly returned to the owner (at the owner’s expense) as long as OddArticulations, LLC has not begun working on the animal, but the down payment will not be refunded. If OddArticulations, LLC has already began working on the animal, the animal will be returned to the owner (at the owner’s expense) at a cost of no less than half (50%) of the agreed final price for the item.

By sending OddArticulations, LLC a piece (animal or otherwise), you also authorize OddArticulations, LLC to use said piece for promotions (whether through photographs or otherwise) and allow the replication of said piece at OddArticulations, LLC’s discretion. By commissioning OddArticulations, LLC to work on a piece, you accept that no notice or monetary compensation may be given for pieces we choose to have molded, cast, and sold to the general public. 

Use of Media
OddArticulations, LLC owns the rights to all photographs, videos, and other media taken by OddArticulations, LLC and can use them however they choose to. This includes but is not limited to media of: Custom commissions, Pet Processing, Bone Cleaning, Wet Specimens, or any other work done by OddArticulations, LLC. OddArticulations, LLC will never post any graphic pictures of pets in any form of decomposition without the pet owner’s permission. Owners of OddArticulations, LLC’s creations (articulations, cleaned bones, wet specimens, etc.) may use OddArticulations, LLC’s photographs of the bought pieces as long as they credit OddArticulations, LLC for the work done (Crediting may include a tag on social media, link to this website, or simply stating that the piece is from OddArticulations, LLC.)
The general public may also use OddArticulations, LLC’s media as a reference for art (paintings, sculptures, digital art, etc) as long as the work is not copied verbatim (directly using OddArticulations, LLC’s photographs on products or something similar) and proper credit is given to OddArticulations, LLC. If artists use OddArticulations, LCC’s work as a reference and then make prints or a product from the art, please think about sending us one as a thank you. If the referenced work includes a pet that OddArticulations, LLC’s has worked on, please think about sending a copy to OddArticulations, LLC so we can pass it onto the pet owner.
Updating of these Terms
OddArticulations, LLC reserves the right to alter these terms at any time without announcement.