Human Molar




This is for one real human molar. All teeth are clean/sanitized, but if they are not white enough for your needs you can put them in 3% peroxide for a day or two to get them brighter. All teeth appear to be sturdy, and should easily hold up to drilling or cutting if you plan on using them for jewelry.

During Checkout you can enter any preferences you may have in the “Order Notes” when you’re prompted for your billing address and I will try to accommodate as best as possible. You want long roots? No roots? Large molars? Small molars? Extra white? I will fulfill any requests as long as supply lasts, but I cannot guarantee you will receive exactly what you ask for. You WILL definitely receive one of the teeth in the picture though! Look through the additional pictures to see a few examples of the quality.

Human teeth are not regulated like human or animal bones, and can be shipped to all 50 US states, and most if not all countries. If you are an international buyer, please contact me ASAP at or any of my social media to reserve your teeth so I can make a listing with appropriate shipping costs.

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  1. Eric Fahy

    I am interested in buying teeth in good condition without fillings for dental school. I was just wondering is it possible to get more than molars if I send on a list thanks.

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