Semi-Articulated Gorilla Hand

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These replica gorilla hands are made to order and will come with their carpals/metacarpals articulated, but the other digits disarticulated. They are available in two finishes- bone color and patina’d.

If you’d like me to articulate the hand for you, please click here to get a fully-articulated gorilla hand

Please scroll down to read more about wait times, finish options, etc.


This is a replica semi-articulated right gorilla hand cast from a real gorilla’s skeleton that passed in a zoo. This particular male had quite a bit of arthritis, which can be seen as bone growths around his carpals and knuckles.

You can articulate it in any pose you’d like once you receive it, or can be kept disarticulated as pictured.

These are made to order, with a wait time of up to 20 days before shipment (though most will be shipped out within a week or two). We have two finishes to choose from, a natural bone color or a weathered patina color.

If you would me articulate the hand for you, please click here to buy a fully-articulated gorilla hand.

Because these are replicas, they are available to be shipped internationally. International shipping will vary. You’ll be provided a shipping quote once the casts are ready to mail out.

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Which Finish?

Bone Colored, Patina Colored


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