$100 Down Payment for Commissions



This is a mandatory non-refundable deposit for any and all commissions made by OddArticulations, including Pet Processing and other custom work. This $100 will count towards your final balance, which will be due upon completion of the commission.
Please do not purchase this until you have contacted us via the form on the bottom of the Inquires page so we can discuss an accurate quote, time frame, and other important factors of the commission.

The remaining balance will be paid via PayPal or Credit Card upon completion of the work. This down payment must be made via this website for documentation purposes (Helps us keep track of who paid what and when) and to help us keep track of the name and email of the owner in case we lose contact with you.

Our quotes are guaranteed for 60 days from the day we give them, so you can go ahead and pay the deposit if you’d like, but please be aware that if your pet hasn’t arrived within 60 days from the day we gave the quote it’s possible that our rates will go up. It’s not likely, but we have to have this disclaimer as sometimes people wait over a year to ship their pet to us and expect our rates to be locked in because they paid the deposit

Once you pay the deposit you’ll receive a confirmation email, in that email you will find the address you’ll be shipping to, but still please contact us prior to shipping to make sure we will be available to accept packages that week.


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