Raven Skull Cast


This is a MADE TO ORDER resin replica cast from a real raven skull. The cast is painted to look more realistic. It will come in one piece, with the mandible attached to the top, posed open. Real, legal bird parts are hard to come by in the US because of the MBTA of 1918, which makes possessing almost all native birds’ parts (including bones, feathers, egg shells, nests, etc) illegal under federal law. So, this replica is a nice, legal alternative of a heavily sought after skull. Because these casts are made to order, it may take a couple weeks before you receive your cast. I will send you an update via email if a delay occurs or when I ship them out. These CAN be shipped internationally, but I will not know shipping charges for orders overseas until the casts are made and sent to me. If you’re an international buyer, I will email you with an exact shipping quote when I get the cast in so you can pay it.

Wholesale pricing is available on orders of 10 skulls or more. Please Contact Us if interested in that.


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