SOLD HUGE Asian Male Skull


This is by far the largest skull I’ve had, and one of the largest I’ve ever seen. This is an extremely large Asian male, with a bunch of super super cool features:

1. The skull is uncut! The jaw is wired, but that’s the only hardware on this behemoth.

2. Size!! He is absolutely gigantic! I included some pictures with objects to show there’s no forced perspective, and the last picture is with my phone and 2 different skulls so you can see there’s no editing or anything.

3. He has a slight case of plagocephaly! What’s that? Placocephaly is basically an uneven head shape. This guy has one eye socket quite a bit further back than the other, an uneven forehead, middle suture is off-center, and the back of his skull is very uneven as well. I included a few pictures with a laser to show the lack of symmetry.

4. He has an occipital bun and an enlarged occipital protuberance! I actually forgot to take pictures of it, but an occipital bun is a thick-boned protrusion on the back occipital bone of the skull, and an EOP is this hook like projection on the back of the skull.

5. Teeth! It’s quite rare to find uncut skulls with nice teeth! This guy has a lot going on with his teeth! He’s naturally missing a few, he has a very badly impacted wisdom tooth, a very bad cavity, very unusual wear on his superior central incisors, but little to no wear on any other teeth…. extra cusps on 2 molars (not super uncommon in Asian skulls), and just overall gigantic sized molars. Largest molars I’ve ever seen. He also has some exotosis (bone growth) around his top back molars.

It’ll be very very hard to find a nicer uncut skull with this much going on with it, and extremely hard to find one larger. If he doesn’t sell quickly, I’ll likely keep him in my personal collection. He’s definitely unique.

No sales to Louisiana, Georgia, or Tennessee due to their state laws prohibiting import of human bones. If you have any questions regarding legalities of owning/selling human osteology, please click here to read more. Just because these skulls on my shop are sold does not mean I do not currently have some in stock. Please Contact Us to see if we have a skull if you’re looking for one. We also often accept payment plans!

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