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This is a very old medically dissected skull showing dentition, sinus cavities, inner ear, and a bunch of other cool views. It has some writing on the frontal bone that I’m not entirely sure of the meaning. There are 3 different color writing on the skull: green, orange, and black. The people I’ve sent pictures to all agree that the green writing came first, then the orange, and black writing is definitely the most modern. The writing on the frontal bone says:
Aug 22 /56.
You will now be called
*green writing* “Sheamus/Seamus…. illegible”
May this name be written in
“The Book of Life”
Illegible signature

It’s impossible to know exactly why someone wrote that on the skull, but some possible explanations are:

  1. “In Judaism, touching human remains is a big no no. Also, they believe that burying the body whole with the 7th vertebrae (called the lux) is how resurrection will occur. I’m guessing the skull was unknown and in order to use it for teaching “without disobeying the rule), they blessed it so that the human would not suffer as a result from not being buried with its other parts. Sheamus/Seamus also has Hebrew roots so I would bet the writing are related in some way to Judaism. According to “The Dissection of the Dead in Jewish Law”, “The idea of using a body for scientific purposes could be seen as kevod ha-meit, the ultimate way to honor the deceased by bettering the life of others.” So the body would definitely be cherished and regarded as them making the biggest sacrifice to be used after death instead of buried, which is why they would name her and inscribe her with that blessing.”     -An educated theory from a follower of mine
  2. Though extremely unlikely, it is quite coincidental A lighthouse keeper by the name of Seamus Rohu disappeared on Aug 22, 1956 and was never found. This skull might’ve been named after him as a blessing so although his body was never found, perhaps he would still make it to the afterlife.

The true meaning of the skull will never be known for certain, but it’s definitely interesting to see a glimpse back in time and wonder what the original owners of this skull were thinking when they were using this for medical studies. It amazes me how much respect they had for the dead, so much so that they likely blessed the skull so they could enter the afterlife, and thanked the person for being able to use their body to study from.

No sales to Louisiana, Georgia, or Tennessee due to their state laws prohibiting import of human bones. If you have any questions regarding legalities of owning/selling human osteology, please click here to read more. Just because these skulls on my shop are sold does not mean I do not currently have some in stock. Please Contact Us to see if we have a skull if you’re looking for one. We also often accept payment plans!

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